Friday, April 23, 2010

Today I got called a hippie and an environmentalist.
Is it wrong to love the world?
When I say world I do not mean it in the sense of fleshly temporal things but the physical world.
The world is God's creation.
Man is sentient and has reason, being made in the image of God and thus he is better than than the world.
However, as such it is our duty to care for the world.
Christ followers above all seem to be the ones to reject the care of the world.
One of my friends just today said that he could care less about the world.
It has become such a symbol of a view of the world which elevates it above man that we have become hostile to it.
I used to be right along with him, my friend, hating environmentalists and the earth right along with them.
But are we not commanded, primarily, to subdue the earth? To be its rulers?
shouldn't we be just then and careful rulers, caring wisely for the things which we have control over?
I am not an environmentalist but I will continue to care for the earth which God made and called good!

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