Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is one of the first pictures that came up in Google when I searched "memories".

I am starting a memory project.
just writing down one or two memories a day from my life up until now.

The day I started I also started "Dandelion Wine" by Bradbury, it turns out he did something similar. that's where he got most of his material for his story.

I want to always be able to remember how our house always felt warm and how momma would make dinner before daddy came home so that the house would be filled with the smell of baking bread or enchiladas. and how daddy's coat smelled when he picked me up in my excitement to see him.

I never want to forget how it felt to try to break into the big boy's forts in the field or wear so many socks that you couldn't feel the pokers and then getting in a load of trouble for ruining them all; or "fishing" in the "pond" which was really just the low place on our road at the end of the driveway where rain water collected, but my big brothers said minnows came down in the rain so we had to try and catch them!

Or being scared that mom wasn't coming home and eating hot wings and reading "the Wind In the Willows" to Joel until she did. Or eating the green strawberries form the garden in the back yard, selling tomatoes on the street corner, climbing the huge cottonwood trees, even getting caught in a naked one durring a lightning storm and being retrieved by my brothers. lately my memory has felt like a strainer whose holes are getting bigger and letting more and more fall through so hopefully I can bring them back by just sitting down to do it intentionaly...

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