Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Having have lived

I used to be afraid of aging, getting old, weak, slow, losing memories. Body deteriorating. natural functions shutting down. The work of sin on a corruptible body. Although this still seems daunting I think that having have lived will be a new and fantastic experience, just as living now is. In the face of danger Reepicheep the mouse says, "this is a very great adventure, and no danger seems to me so great as knowing when I get back to Narnia that I left a mystery behind me through fear" (the voyage of the dawn treader).
At times mankind wishes that they each could sped their lives along to "get to the good parts" but as the moral of the story goes with those who get their wish, every moment is part of life. Someday it is God's will that I reach old age, I will have wisdom and memory to give away to others. I will be full of adventure and of time. my maw crammed with tales of yesteryear ready to fill an open ear. Another step, another stage in the journey that is life. And not only will it be a time to sit back on my rucksack full of days gone by but it will bring with it new adventures. Old people adventures. Each time in life comes with its own kind of adventures and finally comes death. which as our dear little friend Peter Pan says, "To die will be an awfully big adventure."

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